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#173624 - 10/04/16 06:46 PM Deer, hog, and steel 2016

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Deer, Hog, and Steel 2016

Boy was it hot! And the bugs were out?.thank goodness for a therma cell!

Even with the heat the group dropped a few deer and managed to ring some steel.

Hunting in general was pretty slow due to the heat. The trail cameras showed most of the activity during the night.

Ill let each hunter post about their hunt since no one will know it better than them.

I was lacking in the photo taking department and I am sorry for that.

We had one very important thing take place at this hunt and this one thing was the most important to me and I am sure many feel the same way?.now for the long story.

Jim Rockwell had signed up for the hunt but was unable to make it due to work. But he didn?t cancel his hunt?.HE DONATED IT! Jim had shot with Logan (a 15 year old) at WYSHOT. Jim decided to send Logan on an almost all expense paid hunting trip! Man what a gift! This was Logan?s second time shooting a specialty pistol with his first time being at WYSHOT. Logan managed to run the steel course 5 shots for 5 hits and he won! And on the last afternoon hunt Logan finally had a doe step out and give him a good shot and he dropped her in her tracks.

Passing on hunting to the new generations is something we all must do and Jim did this right.

Well back to the event!

For the steel shoot we had targets to 380 yards for the bottle neck rounds that were shot from field positions that required the shooter to sit or kneel and use a field shooting rest. The strait wall stage required shooters to shoot from a tree stand on steel to 150 yards. Both were a great learning experience and gave the shooters a chance to practice under field conditions.

Each hunter will hopefully comment on their hunt. All hunters saw game and only a handful harvested animals. This was a fair chase hunt with some awful heat.

For my personal hunt I managed to take two does. One was at 180 yards and one at 82 yards. Both with the 243 freedom arms with a 105 amax. I passed on two 120 inch bucks and we kept trying to get Logan on those but it just didn?t work out.

For next year I pushed the hunt back to the end of October to get us out of the heat. We have blocked off the weekend before Halloween for this hunt. The hunt this year was the earliest I have ever hunted there and I think the heat hurt us a good bit. But even with that we had successful hunters, a steel shoot, and a youth hunter take his first handgun deer!

Sounds like a win to me!

Logan getting ?painted?

a doe I passed

a good doe for the low country?a good doe runs 90-110 lbs

recovered amax

dead in her tracks

steel shoot


#173626 - 10/04/16 07:13 PM Re: Deer, hog, and steel 2016 [Re: Hoggin]
jamesfromjersey Moderator

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Looks like a great time for all the handgun hunters.....
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#173629 - 10/04/16 07:21 PM Re: Deer, hog, and steel 2016 [Re: jamesfromjersey]

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Loc: Newcastle, WY

We had 11 total. 18 reserved.....don't know what happened to the other 7

#173633 - 10/04/16 10:27 PM Re: Deer, hog, and steel 2016 [Re: Hoggin]
Gun Slinger

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Glad for the young man.
"To Hell with efficiency, it's performance we want!" - Elmer Keith

#173638 - 10/05/16 08:31 AM Re: Deer, hog, and steel 2016 [Re: Zee]
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Good deal and congratulations to the young man!

The heat, skeets and humidity make early season hunting tough.

#173644 - 10/05/16 10:57 AM Re: Deer, hog, and steel 2016 [Re: SChunter]

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Congrats to the young feller! Now he should be hooked. Sounds like it was a great time by everyone.
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#173649 - 10/05/16 11:50 AM Re: Deer, hog, and steel 2016 [Re: KRal]
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I am very proud of Logan!!!
Once again I am reminded that when someone gets the basics down they can shoot well with a type of weapon that is completely new to them. This past June, Logan and his father Larry participated in WY-SHOT. The steel shoot part of this gathering of handgun shooters involves engaging five and and 10 inch targets, with some larger ones out further out to about a thousand yards.
This is under time, engaging each target one time from field shooting positions. If the shooter has time left they can engage any targets they missed until they hit each one or until time runs out.
Kind of at the last minute, this father and son decided to shot with us. Logan was 15 years old at the time, and had never shot a single-shot specialty pistol. I put both of them in my group since they were new at it.
In Logan's own words it was "frustrating" since he was learning in the midst of a match. With the last several stages of the day, things began to click and Logan's shooting was steadily improving. At the end of the day, Logan had actually beat a handful of adults. Not bad for his first time with specialty pistol. His father had already entrenched gun safety to him, and now he was beginning to get the basics down as well.

Chris has already shared what Jim did, and I so appreciate him and folks like him.

Before I go on, let me encourage you if you have the time and or the means to mentor new shooters and hunters, both young and adult. It is up to us to make sure our sport thrives. Jim was a first time shooter at distance at my match and he enjoyed watching Logan shoot. They had never met before that day.

There is a big difference between shooting from the bench versus shooting prone. There is also a difference between shooting prone versus shooting from a seated position using a field rest like Bog Gear on the ground or from a stand. Logan had never used these kinds of field rests before, so he was again going to be stretched as he would be using this type of field rest for both a small field shoot and for hunting.
You have already heard the rest of the story. I am grateful for everyone who has encouraged new shooters both young and old.

Besides being there for Logan, one of my highlights was getting to shoot other handguns. I think this is the first time I had shot a 41 Magnum.
It was fun shooting Steve's 41 FR.
To this point, I have that 41 Mag FR more than Steve has...Whichgivesmeawarmfuzzyfeeling
Before I did the 5 shots at the steel, I was able to shoot Steve's 41 more than I expected. I had put one of my 2-7 Burris LER's on it since mine had the BP reticle, to make distance shooting easier. I typically would zero at 100, but since we had this steel set-up. I decided to zero the 2nd plex at 150 yards, guessing that would give me about a 100 yard zero.
I was going to take Steve's 41 FR out for hunting a couple of times and wanted to take advantage of it's distance capability.
So, after I got it zeroed on the 2nd plex at 150 yards, then I ran the course the the straight-wall guys had done the day before. This was the first time I shot the course. Chris expected it to shoot lower at 125, so he told me to hold high. I did and hit high on the target-talkaboutflatshooting

Since there was five steel targets, I had a round left which was begging to be fired, so I shot again at the 150 yard target and doubled my previous shot
Ended up taking it out to some other steel after the video on 161 yard 6" steel and 262 yards on 6" steel/seated position with Bog-Gear.
I also went for the 382 yard 10" steel, but I was at the end of the scope's reticle and was clipping limbs and leaves which was hindering accuracy.
Time to quit and try another day.
It is just wrong the kind of accuracy these FR's deliver.

Note Steve's handy-dandy ammo carrier...

Took out a couple of times, but nothing would come out for me to kill with it.

I have never shot revolvers at distance that had this kind of accuracy from field rests.
I shoot it like I do my specialty pistols.

#173669 - 10/05/16 08:07 PM Re: Deer, hog, and steel 2016 [Re: Ernie]
Chance Weldon Administrator
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Looks like y'all had a lot of fun. Congratulations to everyone!
Formerly TN Lone Wolf

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#173676 - 10/05/16 11:11 PM Re: Deer, hog, and steel 2016 [Re: Chance Weldon]

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Definitely looks like a fun time. Great pics and stories.

#173810 - 10/10/16 02:12 PM Re: Deer, hog, and steel 2016 [Re: ruger4570]
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Loc: Gillette, Wyoming

Interview from our group handgun hunt.
An interview I participated in before we left Tom's place.

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