This bench was made for Contender pistol shooting. Off of my Fuzz Rest of course. Wide enough to accommodate 2 shooter simultaneously for friendly DUM-DUM competitions. Bench is made of 6x6 treated posts. Frame is 2x6 to allow for leg room. 2x6 frame boards are no more than 12 inches apart both ways, see picture with top not on yet. One more long 2x6 was installed from side to side and 5 rows of 2x6 cross bracing added. Frame was bolted to posts with 3/8 x 10 carriage inch bolts again both ways. Top was covered with 2x10 also treated boards. All joints not bolted were screwed with decking screws. Bench to sit on was mounted independent of shooting bench on (3) 6x6 treated post also bolted to a 2x6 frame. While bench seat was also a 2x10 screwed to frame. 600 pounds of concrete secure the both benches. Nothing was designed to shoot a rifle from but if the kids and grandkids can't make it work I guess I'll add a rifle rest to one end. A permanent roof is my next goal but a pop-up 10x10 canopy will have to work til cooler weather.

Just finished seat tonight, have been using a folding chair. While not concrete it is solid as a ROCK and I am too old to finish concrete anymore. LOL.

Can't wait to really set up and shoot a few groups.

Thanks for reading and Happy fourth to all

Enjoy life but, remember we are only practicing for something better.