I never realized just how many semi auto pistols I`ve collected until I set them out,, The top right is a Hi-Power... S&W 439.. Colt Defender 45acp... S&W 1006 10mm... Sig P-230 380.... Colt Special Combat 38 Super and series 70 Gold Cup...There` not many hunting revolvers out there that catch my fancy so it was kinda natural my eye went to clip feed handguns.. That Gold Cup was purchased new in 1974 or 5 and that was the extent of
my SA pistols (along with a WWII P-38) until I was in my cousin`s store in Hoboken and held a Browning HP and had to get one just on how good that gun fit my hand.. I was to find out I was not the first to buy that gun on hand fit alone... Its that nice.. I have about a week left before I can pick up a S&W model 645 in 45acp that`s waiting a my gun shop... What`s next??? Single shot pistols???
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