To completely explain the importance of this New Wood I will start with a little background. My Dad, God rest his soul (He would have been 92 this year) really enjoyed working with wood. He and several of his friends cut a Huge Black Walnut tree down and hauled it to the saw mill. I was about 12 so that would make it about 50 years ago. Daddy kept a 3X10 8 foot long piece of the center of this tree. His plans were to make a mantel for His living room. Unfortunately He never got around to His mantel. After several years of trying to decide what I could use it for, I contacted a Friend of mine Mr. Dave Dolin. The rest is history. I explained to him that I knew nothing about this wood but trusted him to be honest and if it was useless at least it would make a good fire.
Just got a package in the mail from a Fine Gentleman and a good Friend. I was like a Child on Christmas Morning. Couldn't wait to open them. Two are Mine, one is for my Son, one is for my Son-In-Law and the final set is for my Grandson. Can't wait to get them finished. The have some very small defects (look PERFECT to Me), but they sure put a smile on my face when I see them. I know Daddy is looking down and smiling knowing His mantel will be enjoyed by all of us. I sure do miss that precious Man

Thanks again Brother Dave

Enjoy life but, remember we are only practicing for something better.