I don't recall the article Doc's talking about, unless it's a situation I referred to in one of my articles in The Sixgunner:
My friend Bill Shehane of Charlotte N.C. was headed to Canada for a Grizzly hunt with his SBH in the late 1970's. Naturally, he was stopped at the border, and his handgun was refused admission. I couldn't believe that Bill didn't know better; but he didn't.
Bill and I were both IHMSA shooters, and in a panic, he called Elgin Gates for advice on Canadian IHMSA shooters from whom he might borrow a handgun once he was in the country.To shorten the story, he ended up with a Ruger .357 Magnum Blackhawk, shooting a 160 Speer in front of 16 gr. 296.
Later, at about 300 yards, he and the guide spotted a grizzly and began a stalk. Unbeknownst to Bill, as they moved, the bear also moved. Suddenly the bear stood up, 10 yards in front of them. Pucker. Bill shot him 3 times in the neck and chest.
A photo of Bill and his bear is on page 316 of of the book Shooting Steel.
Still today, taking handguns in to Canada for hunting is a non-starter, and I believe it will remain so.