Just got back from Post Office and found the most curious item there. It took me down Memory Lane for sure. Brand New in the original box, still has the factory grease on it. It is chambered in 219 Zipper (should go well with my 219 Wasp). Has the soft writing and I am assuming the deep blue of old. Also came with full set of Redding Form (# 1/ # 2/ &Trim)dies and a Redding Fl die set. :happy:

Now for my questions. I can't remember the last time I bought a barrel packaged like this one. I believe it was in the 80's. Does anyone know for sure when the were last packed like this? Or when they chambered for 219 Zipper?

Next question. Since the grease has been on the barrel for decades, I am sure. It has the wax paper stuck to it. How would you recommend cleaning it off?

Have had a couple of people ask about the collectors value. I can't imagine anyone offering me the INSANE AMOUNT it would take for me not to clean it up and shoot it LOL

Thanks in advance for your input and Happy New Years To ALL

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