Thanks everyone once again for the comments.

I ran 6 shots this afternoon at 200 yards which was my first at this distance. Using a 6 inch paper plate my normal post it note and red sticker. I started out on a clean barrel. First shot went high 2-3 near bug hole. It stated to come into its own with shots 4,5,6 for a 3 shot group of 1.322?. Shots 2 though 6 printed 1.954? group. With it set 1.5" high at 100Y, it is 4.5" low at 200Y. I believe it is ready for some real work now.

CMNASH, I don?t have anything larger in weight then the 350?s. I ran data from the Barnes website through Quick Load with the 15-inch barrel these are the results using H4895 with a COL of 3.600
450 TSX start load 71.0 = 1979fs \ max load 75.0 = 2093fs
500 TSX start load 66.0 = 1868fs \ max load 70.0 = 1980fs

Franchise, keep me posted on what might be on the hunt horizon, I?d certainly be up for it.

Doc, yes Sir... Lots of power in a small package = fun!

In General, I find the overall weight of the Encore and big brake make it possible to shoot accurately. For my heavy hitters I use / wear a pair of impact gloves to help soften the shot on my hand. This one is really really loud and make me laugh with every shot.


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