Max is spot on, why risk an expensive hunt & not use the best bullet you can buy, makes no sense. A bullet is a very small expense compared to hunt costs, airline tickets, guns, daily rates, etc. Don't fudge on a bullet.

If you're using a 300 gr cast bullet on deer, that can pose a problem, switch to 240's or 250's, drop the alloy hardness to 9-11 BHN & run your load 1200-1300 fps & you'll shoot length ways through any deer out there. That will get you a blood trail! I can show you many gut piles, hearts & lungs that I've shot with cast bullets that you would swear were shot with a 7 mm magnum.

If there's a univeral mistake with cast bullets it's using a bullet that's too hard. For deer & antelope I've having great success with these Miha HP's but not for the bigger stuff. Still getting lots of penetration, mostly exits with the correct alloy.


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