Admittedly, I'm primarily a jacketed guy now. But I also do 99% of hunting in Texas for deer/hogs. I did however load up some cast for my new 41 to carry as a back up in New Mexico for Elk.

Years ago when I hunted exclusively with a 44 SBHH I was using a 300 grain cast over either H110 or 2400. Can't remember the exact load, but it wasn't very hot by 'book' standards.

I noticed over time that even on animals hit in the vitals, my blood trails seemed sparce and long. I attributed it to the 'cast' bullet.

While I'll stay primarily a jacketed guy, I have definitely learned over the years (mainly reading here) that not all cast are equal. Chalk it up to inexperience on my part years ago, to not realize you could actually alter the composition within 'cast' to make it perform differently. I always just ordered a plethora from a reputable company and went from there. I'm not knocking those companies at all, because they obviously have to build for the masses.

Anyway, I'm not 100% sure where I was going with this post other than it's made me want to experiment with different types of cast just for the heck of it. Especially now that we have hogs-galore on our lease. Perfect experiment animal.
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