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Ya but Rey, I still can't match you & some of the others when it comes to the really big animals, I have never went there. And that's where the really good, premium bullets rule, I just like to jump in & take a beating every month or so.....


The beating is unwarranted. In my humble opinion, cast are more than adequate for most animals. The fact of the matter is that you tailor your bullets for that task at hand, and need to be commended for that. You also might see more success than most because you can place your bullets and I sometimes feel that certain "failures" are really a result of poor shot placement either not being realized or not being acknowledged. When the animals get really big and really expensive and/or the animal is capable of doing me some real harm, that is where I draw the monolithic line.

All that said, I used flat-nosed hardcast bullets on a lot of animals over the years and never experienced "caliber sized holes" or slow death or any of the other oft cited complaints. My old .475 with a 420 over 1,350 fps was lightning in a bottle on deer and hog-sized game. Same thing with my first .500 JRH. When they hit, it put the animals on queer street.
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