This morning I headed to a favorite spot on public land, hoping favorable weather would bring me some luck. And did it...

I was fortunate enough to take this bear at first light when we crossed paths on a ridge top

I used my Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 with Federal Fusion factory loads on a hasty shot at about 20 yards. The bear reacted immediately and made a short run into the laurels. I heard him moan, but waited for the sky to brighten a couple of minutes before I followed the trail. There was no reason to worry. The 240 grain bonded hollow point was well placed, and had absolutely hammered him, leaving a copious blood trail.

Possibly the best part of the morning was that he was only a half mile from the truck, and even better, the drag was downhill.

I enjoy bear meat, and I am confident this guy will be good eating.

It has been a goal of mine to take a bear off of public land with my revolver for a while now. It feels good stalking these mountain ridges with just a sixgun on my hip, and my daypack.

This mornings hunt has left me genuinely happy.