358 STA [Shooting Times Alaskan] Range Report

15-inch Encore .988? diameter barrel with Fish Gill Brake \ Burris 3x12 \ Warne Steel rings \ SSK 3 screw flat bottom forfend \ 1-14? twist \ Weighs 7.70 pounds.

Brass: Hornady 375 H&H
Primers: CCI-250
Bullets: Hornady 200 SP, Barnes 200 TTSX, Nosler 200 AB, Sierra 225 GK

Accuracy: Outstanding if I do my part

A4350, H4350, IMR 4350, IMR 4831, R19, VV N160.
I?ve selected H4350 as it provides the best overall velocity with excellent accuracy.

Picture of my preliminary range work at 50 yards:

Velocity:Recorded by Lab Radar
Hornady 200 SP: 88.0gr H4350 = 2750fs used for sight in
Barnes 200gr TTSX: 88.5.0gr H4350 = 2845fs / 90.0 grains H4350 = 2895fs warm
Pet load = 200gr TTSX 88.5gr H4350 = 2845fs 1.5 inch high at 100Y
Nosler 200gr AB: 88.5gr H4350 = 2830fs
Sierra 225 GK: 86.5 gr = 2666fs / more testing needed

Picture of three rounds at 200 yards, my first shot got away from me to the right while the last two are spot on.

Relativity easy to make using 375 H&H Mag. Layne Simpson designed this cartridge with the Remington 8mm Magnum as the parent, 375 H&H is easier to find.

A bucket list caliber / cartridge now complete
Flat shooting with excellent accuracy
The weight of the Encore and fish gill brake really tame the recoil (love the SSK fish gill brake).

Good shooting
NRA Patriot Life Endowment
HHI #6544