I've made it to the point where today I dropped my first power charge and seated a 220 grain Speer Flat Point into the case. I began by seating the bullet to the bottom of the neck, as recommended. The round would not chamber. I slowly seated it deeper and deeper with no effect. The round sticks out of the chamber maybe an 1\8" to 1\4". I found I could push the round in a tad further with my finger, but then had to force extraction. I don't see rifling Mark's on the ogive, it looks like I see a slight ring mark maybe. The case mouth did seem rougher after this ordeal.

I'm at a loss. The formed cases alone seemed to fit perfectly and the action closed easily and completely. If I had to guess, I'd say seating the bullet into the case expanded the neck enough to keep it from chambering fully. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

But for the grace of God, there, I go.