Our annual forum hunt is scheduled/booked for April 24, 25, 26 in Ohio. It's a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We have a spot or two available if you'd like to join us. As of now, my wife and I, cmnash, rougerocco, BKS, and a lady hunter from Ohio are definates. Racksmaster hopefully will be able to attend also. I've invited others, but....we will see. We have a great time of enjoying the outdoors, shooting, and killing. The camp fire discussions are the best...what works, what doesn't, etc.......this is a hunt behind a fence....I grew up on a farm and eat meat 😉 I know that the meat in a grocery store is grown behind a fence, so I don't have a problem with it......just wanted everyone to be 100 percent clear about it....last year was our best hunt so far....if interested, send me a PM
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