Thought you guys would not mind seeing everything "Al Goerg" I`ve collected over the years... Besides the 33 articles on handguns and hunting with handguns (that include a number that are not in his book`s) that I`ve taken from old gun mags and placed them in clear page holders in a 3-ring binder I finally found a copy of "Pioneering Handgun Hunting" that was signed by Goerg was is rare because he was killed in a Alaskan plane crash only months after the book was published. More numerous are copies signed by his wife Anne of which I have two. In one of them she writes a long inscription telling how her husband was honored at the 1st OAHA...I believe I had about 8 or 9 copies of "Pioneering HH" to get to this point....Also have a signed copy of "Pacific and Northwest Hunting" by Goerg?.I lucked out and found one of his early shoulder holsters as this one is more like the "Tanker" type and not the true shoulder holster he sold from ads in the gun mags. It was made for a 6 1/2" 357 and is marked that way as shown in the above photos.... Would love to run into one of his hollow pointers he made to make hollow points out of the lead semi wadcutters the factories loaded in the 357 and 44 ammo of the day....Thanks
PS- some of his articles not in his book are:
Scoping the 44 Mag
Todays hottest handgun wildcat
Game loads for the 44 Mag
Sixguns for grouse
Handgunning seal
Handgunners last hunt

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