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I haven't been online much in the last few months and haven't been on the site since mid February. I just found out about this and I'm completely shocked. This is the first forum I ever joined back in 2003 (not the '04 default date). With a few big bills due soon I'm not in a position to be able to make a cash contribution until mid-June. I know that's past your deadline but I would still like to make a contribution then if possible.

If its alright I would like to offer a 15" .223 Rem Encore barrel with a matte finish (done by Wapitirod) for $200. Send the payment to Gregg and once he confirms the payment I'll mail the barrel to you at no cost. I hope you don't mind me doing this Gregg. If there's a better way to handle it let me know.

Gary, thanks for providing a great site for so long. I hope that if this purchase is successful you will still have a presence here.

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Here are a couple pics of the barrel. If anyone is interested I can e-mail more pics. I got this barrel as part of a trade with Wapitirod and never got around to shooting it. The bore looks very good.

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