I am a bodybuilder/powerlifter, lover and collector of big bore handguns and rifles. I taught myself how to master the big bores using the same principles that I have used successfully in weightlifting. I simply started out with standard pressure 44 magnum and mastered that prior to moving up to buffalobore and ultimately buffalobore 340 +p. Initially, some of the loads wanted to twist out of my hands. I increased my wrist curls so that the grip strength was not an issue.

Here I am six (6) years later shooting the following without difficulty:
1.Ruger super Blackhawk 44 magnum
2.Ruger alaskan 480 ruger
3.Ruger bisley 480 ruger 4.62 & 6.5
4.Freedom arms 454 casull
5.Freedom arms 50 AE & 500 wyoming express
6.BFR 45-70 7.5 inch
7.Smith and wesson 500 performance center 3.5 barrel

I always go out and start with my 10mm and move up progressively. I shoot at least twice per month to stay in shooting condition.

For those of you who think you can go from 9mm to 454 or higher are setting yourself up for failure and lifelong flinching. I have no doubt that with the proper strategy, anyone reading this should be able to successfully master 454 casull and beyond.
I applied the same principles to my big bore rifles. After seven (7) years I am able to master my Nosler m48-outfitter-rifle chambered in 458 win mag. The firearm weighs approximately 7.5 pounds. I have a love for lightweight hard hitting firearms.