Sounds like I didn?t explain myself well. I plan on using one load for all my shooting and hunting, and that load will probably be a 240 swc. I have been looking at bullets from Missouri bullet Co. They make a Keith style with a brindle hardness of 18. Not sure if this is a good bullet or not, but it?s a place to start.
I?m aware that you can sight in a revolver to hit a 200 hrs target, but that would mean using Kentucky. Windage, or large amounts of holdover. Not my plan. Looking for maximum point blank range, in other words,one sight picture for 10 , 25, 50, or 100 yards. For this , the bullet must have a adequate velocity. That?s what I?m not sure of, what that velocity is. I?m thinking 1200 FPS would be close. 1 to 1.5 inches high at 50 yards, 3-4 inches low at 100...... am I close?
As for my range... I?m sure I can shoot to 50 yards, with iron sights, 75 yards.... maybe.... 100.. doubt it. Now with a 2X scope.... 100 yards is a real possibility.
With a SBH hunter with quick release scope rings , I can use one gun, and match the sighting system to the conditions.
Reduced loads make a lot of sense, but at some point, I will have to move to a stronger load, of for nothing more than trajectory. This will be my 4th 44 mag, so I?m familiar with the recoil I will be dealing with. Practice is the key, as are shot placement, and bullet performance. Trying to cover all my bases.