So, let me see if I get this right because I'm a simple man. First, I never actually called out anyone that hadn't already been hinted at. Maybe your comprehension skills didn't pick that up. Second, apparently YOU think its ok to call me out when in all actuality the post was never directed at you. Before you say its an open forum remember that works for me too. Next, if the person in question intentions was to "wait and see" they wouldn't have quit posting and maybe could have stated their nobel intentions. Even if they are sooo busy this rescue effort has been going on for over a month. Come on, nobody is that busy especially when they used to post their wit and wisdom practically every day prior to the call for support. I agree with you (believe it or not) that no one has an obligation to participate but you would think if they have used the site to sell their products in the past they might want to pay it forward, right? I know I'll never shame them into contributing if they don't feel like it, and that's really not what I'm trying to do, but I do think if they don't want to join in financially they should stay gone. That's my point.