Point is u shouldnt be calling out anyone. Theres 10k plus member here and what, 14 checks mailed? Not sure why you think its appropriate to call anyone out. Theres about 9,990 people doing the same at this point but it reminds me of one of the most epic debacles around our small town out here in west texas. Theres a real wealthy oulman that kept his lil church afloat and would make sizeable donations to many local charities including the local boys and girls club. One year they were going to do a building project and set a fundraising goal. He was going to match the half they reached, once they reached it. When word got out he hadnt yet given he got attacked by several locals publicly and in print. He just wanted to see if the community would support it without him doing all the heavy lifting so to speak. It got nasty, they apologiz d when they found out the plan, the damage was done. Several of the locals were members at his church. He moved one of his local businesses, pulled about
900 jobs from the community, pulled his funding from that church and it
Closed and he set up shop in a different nearby community. Point is, when something is offered from the goodness of your heart and its ?extra? not essential giving its best not to guilt and pressure and attack people into participating. Sometimes it degenerates into killing off a life saving maneuver so to speak. My prediction was this would turn ugly. I predicted people would be called out and that doesnt count further funding in the future and the multiple ownership by many people. Gregg posed a little call out earlier but very nonspecifically, but a call out nonetheless. What u are posing subscriber could apply to several people. None of whom have an obligation to do anything! Its something u get out of kindness, not call outs.