for a donation to help sustain this website.

Chance and I have about 30 days now until we close the deal with Gary and become the new owners of As most of you know and understand, buying this website is a huge donation of money as well as time to keep it afloat and manage it, as it produces a negative cash flow.

But despite the fact that Chance and I will have to continuously pull money out of our pockets to keep this site running (until we can hopefully turn that around, but again by giving of huge amounts of our time) we have made the decision that we WILL NOT require membership dues or user fees. This change of ownership will be as seamless as possible; only a few minor changes will be made.

Many thank you's to those of you that have already contributed; we are a little less than 1/3 of the way toward achieving my projected target goal for donations from our close to 10,000 members.

So I have to ask: Fourteen of the 9800 have donated. Yet when Gary announced that he was shutting this website down, everybody that responded was upset and wanted to keep it going; most even volunteering to send a donation.

And like I said, a lot of you have. And when time allows and the dust settles from this adventure of closing the deal, you will be sent a special Little Gun Outfitters pen and a drawing will be held to see which of you wins a custom knife from Kim Ralston, and 2nd place a knife-saw-flashlight kit from Little Gun Outfitters.

But getting back to my question, (and human nature being what it is, maybe it is a silly question), but what about the other 9786 members that have not yet sent in a donation? Seriously, asking for a $100 donation is tough on my part as I am proud but I do know that several of you have committed but not come through yet...

But rest assured that Chance and I will strive to come through, as we are both men of integrity and will keep our word to Gary. 'bout a little help? Please, handgun hunters!

Remember, we are the minority in the world of hunting, and this website is by far THE KING when it comes to our world.