Thanks guys. I'm still kicking been a wild and rough couple of years so shooting took a back seat for a while. As you saw from my post I still have a love of all calibers large. I am considering getting my FFL back but this time just sticking with repairs and action work. Last time I got myself in a trouble when I went down and had a bunch of custom Rugers underway. Fortunately Jack Huntington helped me out. I am playing with the really big stuff right now in the Encores to see where the realistic limit is. When I was doing the 458 Lotts before they sold fast. I think it's 10% guys hunting big nasty stuff and 90% Ego. It is impressive when your at the range and one of those big buggers goes off and then you pull out a cigar sized case ;\)
Anyways I will fill you guys,in more later. I will be around on a regular basis again.
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