We all have a different recoil tolerance & body size really doesn't have anything to do with it, but age can. I had one of the early FA 475's & it was a Tiger, I've also had a full house 458 Win. mag in a 14" braked Encore. I've shot one of the 500 Linebaugh's & did quite a bit of test work with the first 416 Lockhart (416 bullet & 350 magnum case) can't say any of these guns were fun, & it actually takes a lot of concentration to shoot one accurately while it's easing past your left ear!
I don't care for it anymore & handing one to a new shooter should absolutely be out of the question but some people do it just for a laugh....that's not funny!
Be very careful with recoil, it can be a game breaker for many & very hard to work out of. My heavy 44's, 45's & 480 is all I need now days, other guys are much tougher.