My local dealer asked me what he had earlier this week. He produced a Blued G2 Contender with Walnut Stock with a Super 14 223 Remington barrel.
He had previously handled a couple transfers on G2's but apparently had never really looked one over before.

After a little thought I swapped him one of my older Easy Open Contender Actions with a Tony's Walnut Forend and a $100 Dollar Bill for the G2 Action which looks to have a Trigger Job. I am guessing it was probably ordered from EABCO or some one else who does Trigger Jobs on the G2's they sell.

I believe I did well on that trade. It went to a good home.
I now have an older Easy Open with 22 LR Barrel for a Practice Pistol.
And a G2 with a 6.5-30JDJ barrel and a second with a 35 Bullberry barrel installed.

Bob R
See You At The Range