09/30/16 11:05 AM
30 carbine ruger blackhawk

Anyone play with one of these? I just got one. Very fun gun. Plan to shoot varmints and maybe some small piggys if i they come out in the food plot. All else with cast bullets it is sure to be extremely fun.

(old hand)
09/30/16 04:30 PM
Re: 30 carbine ruger blackhawk

I shot a friends years ago. What I remembered the most was it was VERY load. Needed plugs and muffs. Not a lot of power, so your plan should work fine.

09/30/16 05:06 PM
Re: 30 carbine ruger blackhawk

As Doc said...plugs and muffs are standard.
I have taken a couple of deer with jacketed soft point bullets and it worked. However I wasn't particularly impressed with it, but for varmints it is flat shooting round and should be a lot of fun.
PS... touch a round off at night.

doc with a glock
(old hand)
09/30/16 11:04 PM
Re: 30 carbine ruger blackhawk


Love mine. Similar to the 327 Fed Mag, predates by about 70 yrs.. Great varmint rig, never thought of using it on larger game.


10/01/16 03:29 AM
Re: 30 carbine ruger blackhawk

I've owned several & all of them have been very accurate. They shoot flat & rock chucks hate them. If it's a new model you can easily shoot 32/20's in it & not have to worry about the head space problem associated with the rimless 30 Carbine. I just use .313" bullets in mine with great accuracy, both cast & jacketed.


10/01/16 09:59 PM
Re: 30 carbine ruger blackhawk

I shot one that was chopped down to 5 inches. I think it synged my beard. They are loud and fun, but I would prefer a much longer barrel.

(Shooting Expert)
10/01/16 10:12 PM
Re: 30 carbine ruger blackhawk

Pictures!!! ...or it doesn't exist!!

10/07/16 04:03 PM
Re: 30 carbine ruger blackhawk

I bet that 5" was a screamer. I plan to go shoot it this weekend. Looking forward to it. Will post a pic of it later.